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will remain closed TFN in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus that is impacting on us all, and our businesses worldwide.

‘It is with pure frustration and a heavy heart that we announce that the lockdown will continue at
K BARBERS EMPORIUM Billericay TFN- together with all UK Salons and Barbershops, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
It now looks likely, according to our PM Boris Johnson, that we will remain on lockdown until at least late June/early July 2020, as we are now looked at as an industry to be included in ‘phase 3’ of the government plan to reopening UK businesses. (Hospitality/non-essential businesses).
So, we ask that you please be patient, and hang tight with us, as we WILL return bigger, bolder, and stronger than ever, when this lockdown is lifted for our trade.
We are all ready to go! – with all new improved considered processes in place to reopen ASAP.
REMINDER- that we will not or cannot provide house visits or home haircuts during this time, as it is ILLEGAL to do so, and can lead to prosecution as it currently breaks all social distancing rules, so please do not ask for this service from us- it’s so frustrating for us too, and we truly want to return to our shop ASAP to provide great cuts and great services to you all under full insurance.
Any barber or hairdresser offering this service is breaking the law and is not insured and should be reported to the authorities and HMRC.
They can transmit this invisible virus from household to household. Is it really worth the risk??
Hang in there- even grow your hair! And we will be ready to update your look and recut it perfectly on our return.
THANK YOU so much for the ‘well wishes and check-ins’ received, we all miss you too.
Hopefully, if things go well, we will not be too long away now.
Cannot wait to see our clients and all businesses thriving again in the UK High Streets.
Let us work together and make it happen.
‘Stay aware, stay safe, keep saving lives’. See you all very soon, Kevin x
Further updates on reopening plans will be put on all our social media platforms,
FB  Kevin Vorley & Kbarbersemporium
INSTA Kevin Vorley & Kbarbersemporium
The ‘Nearcuts’ booking app. plus
this business website platform www.kbarbers.com  as and when required.
Keep positive and we will see you all on the other side.
‘Stay aware and stay safe.’
K x
kindest regards